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Part-wolf, part-machine – with sound and light for weapons, instinct his guiding force and beauty his charm. The bellowing howl of shamanic rhythms from LOBO’s core resonate with the tribe and summons the power of unity, peace, love and respect in a world searching for a sense of belonging, protection, healing and acceptance.

Presented in the form of a large mutant vehicle, those who have encountered LOBO on the dessert plains of Tankwa Town (Afrikaburn) have indulged in his highly-refined vision of sonic, aural and sensory pleasure.

LOBO symbolizes community, guardianship, ritual, loyalty, and spirit

Home Sweet Home!

Posted by The SPIRIT Train on Monday, 3 August 2015

Year 2097

After the apocalypse mankind was wiped out, and only a few survived. The machines had upset the balance and a cold fog surrounded the earth. What was left was barren wasteland and scattered fragments of technology – a parasite draining the soil of all remaining resources. The moon had moved closer to the earth and a new anarchy existed between man and animal.

Gravity had shifted and the lunar cycles empowered the wolves. They became our loyal protectors – but for only those of pure spirit – the Tribe. In the name of their future, the Tribe built Lobo in a quest to restore the equilibrium.

With relentless spirit they created him – an all-sensory beast of the dust. Lobo roams the dessert and summons the spirit of the Tribe to raise the moon every night, and restore the balance the machines destroyed. Lobo lays down his head when the moon fades, but as he rises so does the Tribe ……. for the only thing that powers Lobo, is the spirit of the Tribe.

And so Lobo moves with stealth-like precision along the dust-covered plains of Africa, in search of nothing ….. but the moment. Nothing could stop him, no traps, no forces of nature … but with exception of his delicate heart. And so he offered his heart to the Tribe, to be protected in return for their own protection by that of the wolf.

He calls to the scattered members of the tribe so that he can protect them with the mystical magic and the power of music that rumbles from his inner core. The love that has been shown to him by his creators has expanded and he feels, within his soul, that more of his tribe’s kin are out there, beyond the plains of Africa. And he wants them reunite, join together, combine their knowledge to heal their planet which is their Home.

Lobo Lives       Lobo Loves       Lobo Listens

Lobo Lives

The ‘beast’ – otherwise known as LOBO – has over 3 years of concept development. From a place of darkness was born this inspired idea at AfrikaBurn (2014), and has been manifested with an incredible story that accompanies this fantastical creation.

Michael Kennedy and But Corpaci (the chief creators responsible for summoning their protector) and their ensemble of uniquely skilled artisans, creatives, blacksmiths, graffiti artists, event planners, designers & other amazing talented artists have joined together to bring this massively-exciting and challenging art project to life…

Offering a highly unique, mobile stage unlike any other, LOBO is an organic fusion of elements which make him a vision to behold. He can adapt to a wide variety of landscapes to bring the ‘pack’ together. Nothing can stop him, and he is in search of nothing … but the moment.

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